Tax Preparation & Bookkeeping Services in Sandwich, Massachusetts

Preparing a tax return for yourself or your business can be a complex and difficult process, and certain deduction errors can put you at risk of an audit. We can prepare an accurate return in the shortest time possible. Carlson & Associates in Sandwich, Massachusetts, specializes in individual and small business tax preparationfor individuals and small and medium size businesses.

Individual Tax Preparation

Carlson & Associates offers tax preparation services including consultation and representation before the internal revenue services. Tax returns fall into three categories, and according to the level of complexity, tax preparation can be simple, intermediate, or complex.
For simple returns, the forms 1040EZ and 1040 are used. Intermediate returns require a 1040A with schedule 1, child tax credit for educational credit, and earned income credit (EIC), or they require form 1040 with schedules A, B, and D, child tax credit for education, or EIC. A complex return ... Read more
When scheduling your appointment we will be pleased to advise you of the documentation necessary.

Small Business Tax Return Preparation

et the most money back in the shortest time possible for your business, without raising your liability for an audit. At Carlson & Associates, we specialize in small businesses tax preparation, and we have the power to get you the most on your return.

Bookkeeping Services

We specialize in bookkeeping services using quick books for individuals and businesses.
Contact our accounting services team to schedule an appointment for tax preparation or financial planning services.